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I’m an addict.
I’ve been abused, and I’ve been the abuser.
My entire life has been a blur, filled with misery and anguish.
I’m trying my best to stay clean and lucid even when my world feels dark.
Now, I have to stay away from the woman who makes everything murky and complicated.

I’ve always been a toy for others to use.
A spoiled, broken girl who’s never been seen because no one ever tried.
He sees me though. Holding up a mirror and showing me exactly who I am with absolute clarity.
Is that a good thing?
I’m not sure.

NOTE: This book contains sensitive subjects that may be upsetting to some readers.

***Clarity can absolutely be read as a total standalone! It is the only book with Rhys and Blair POVs, but they do appear in Redemption and Vengeful Bastard!

Coming November 2020!

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