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O’Malley’s mate walks into a bar... No, it’s not a joke, his mate is right here in front of him and she needs his help.

Why does Hannah come to O’Malley for help? Because her brother, Karl, told her they were best friends in the army.
Only they weren’t friends. The two men could hardly stand each other.
That doesn’t stop O’Malley from agreeing to go with Hannah even though his new bar is about to open.
When the heart, or his mate, calls a shifter must answer, no matter the personal cost. After all, nothing is more precious than love.

Hannah’s brother is lost in the mountains. When she goes to O’Malley for help, the last thing she expects to find is the love of her life. However, she quickly realizes that is exactly what she’s found. A man who would risk everything for her.
Even his heart.

As they track Karl over the mountains, they discover he took the pilgrim’s trail, a route taken by those who are seeking a path toward a new future while leaving their past life behind.
As they begin to unravel the mystery surrounding his disappearance it becomes clear Karl might not have survived the pilgrim’s trail.

Can O’Malley and Hannah work together to bring her brother home?

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O'Malley: Summer (Shifter Seasons #7) by Harmony Raines pdf book

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O'Malley: Summer (Shifter Seasons #7) ebook review