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Gretchen has searched for love her entire life, but what happens when the only man she wants thinks he’s a Tiger?

Gretchen has finally done it! Cut It Out, her new salon, has officially opened for business. Of course, her first client is six-feet of gorgeousness in need of a serious trim and shave. As the only employee at the moment, she takes care of Mr. Sexy herself. If only she could stop staring at his acres of muscles and focus on his thick and shiny, but totally uneven, locks instead. 

Reg has been so busy trying to make amends for past mistakes that he’s neglected to take care of other stuff, like his hair and beard. Not a good look on one of the select Tiger Shifters chosen to guard the Nari of the Maverick Pride.

When Gerri Wilder comes in for a visit she orders him to the new salon in town for a quick haircut and a shave. Reg is willing to suffer for his Pride, but what’s a Tiger to do when he meets his mate in a hairstylist who doesn’t know Shifters exist?

He won’t rest until his fiery little brunette is purrfectly trapped.

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Purrfectly Trapped (Paranormal Dating Agency / Maverick Pride, #3) by C.D. Gorri pdf book

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Purrfectly Trapped (Paranormal Dating Agency / Maverick Pride, #3) ebook review