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Ella Goode is the author of books: Secret Baby, Captured, Beauty in Summer (Beauty, #2), She's All Mine, Ace of Hearts (FU High, #1), Kept, Three of Us (Three of Us, #1), The Wolf's Mail-Order Bride (Mail-Order Brides, #2), Pretty Prize, Love's Secret Baby

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Madeleine has a secret. Five months ago, she met an irresistible man and made a very dumb mistake. She knows that a random hookup won’t want to be saddled with a baby and she’s way too vulnerable in this state to be rejected. Keeping a baby from the daddy might seem wrong, but it’s the best way to protect herself and her child for now.

Oliver wants answers. Five months ago, he met the woman of his dreams, took her up to his hotel room, made love to her until they both passed out only to wake up alone. He’s hired private investigators but with no last name or photographs, his hookup has remained a mystery. And he doesn’t like mysteries. Or surprises.

Oliver knows the Madeleine is the one for him. When he finally finds her, he’s determined to keep her...even if the father of the child isn’t him.
Luna has a knack of always ending up in over her head. From the clown school fiasco to the near torching of her sister’s restaurant, Luna’s work history has been a string of bad luck. She’s back on her feet with a new private investigator job which only requires her to look up credit reports and take the occasional photo. What could possibly go wrong?

Answer: Falling for the man you’re hired to investigate.

Maddox Castile knows he’s being stalked but after he gets a good look at the spy, he’s thrilled. He opens his curtains, takes long strolls for lunch, and makes sure that his new friend doesn’t get arrested for following him around. The real problem is that she’s not making any moves. What will it take?

Answer: Doing a little stalking of his own.

Luna may have thought she was the hunter, but in the end, she’s the one captured.
Inspired by..
The classic fairy tale...
Beauty and the Beast

Bellamy Beaumont thought nothing could be worse than being broke and jobless. Then she found out her parents sold her to a mysterious company with its headquarters far from town. Inside the huge but plain concrete building she finds a growling new boss who doesn't seem to want a new assistant. But who also refuses to let her leave. And what is his obsession with her scent?

Adrian Garrett's life is fine. Perfectly fine. He runs his pack and his company with efficiency and has no time for a mate. No matter how loud and how angry his wolf becomes, Garrett believes that a mate is unnecessary. That is, until Bellamy is brought to his attention. One sniff and he's smitten.

The problem is that Bellamy is a human and Garrett's a wolf. Can one beauty save the beast?
Erika grew up with a set of expectations that she could never meet. She wasn't smart enough for her dad and she wasn't a good enough dancer for her mom. At college, she's retreated into a shell--dancing at night and avoiding people. The one person she can't escape is a local boxer named Tank. He's determined to show her that everything she's dreamed of can be hers if she would only see herself through his eyes.

Tank believed boxing and babes didn't mix until he met Erika. He can't get enough of the the shy girl who rules his every thought, but she's wary of relationships. This is one fight he can't lose.
When Ace gets accepted into the prestigious Franklin Universal High, her goals include studying and more studying. High marks in all her classes are the path to being a cardio thoracic surgeon like her beloved stepdad. She has no plans on falling for anyone, especially not the hot jock who keeps staring at her. The athletes at FU High have the worst reputation and she refuses to let one climb into her jeans—no matter how nice Owen “Fast” McCoy seems.

It only takes one look for Owen to know that Alice “Ace” Alister is the girl for him. He’s eighteen but he knows what he wants—a successful football season and the new transfer. He’ll do whatever it takes to achieve those goals from extra practices to joining the sewing club. He won’t give up until he becomes the ace of her heart.
MJ spent her whole life raising her little sister and building a small cooking empire. Men have never been part of her recipe for success. Then Cullen Castile waltzes into her life, sits down at her kitchen counter, and refuses to move until he’s put a ring on her finger. How can one woman resist the charms of a determined officer of the law set on keeping her?

Answer: She doesn’t know. It’s hard when he's too perfect to be real!

Cullen Castile likes law, order, and the happiness of his family. When he learns his brother is committing crimes in order to capture the woman who has won his heart, Cullen figures it’s time for him to step in only to find his own heart in jeopardy. He’s never met a woman like MJ before and now that he has, he’s not going to let her go. How can one detective win over the reluctant heart?

Answer: He’s not sure, but he’s not giving up! Ever.

MJ may try to escape, but in the end, she’ll see her own happily ever after is waiting.
Cassie Madson doesn’t believe in true love, fated mates or happy ever after which is why when she’s approached by a matchmaker for a marriage of convenience, she agrees immediately. She needs a place to hide from her dangerous ex-boyfriend and the backwoods of upstate New York sounds perfect. She’ll vow to honor this stranger sight unseen, but she won’t love him.

Edon Rule believes in two things — the importance of his pack and the sanctity of the mate bond. When his new bride arrives, he recognizes instantly that Cassie is the only woman for him. He’s shocked when she doesn’t know he’s a shifter. Even worse, she declares that the marriage is only a business deal.  

With the full moon nine days away, Edon has only a short time to convince Cassie that her true love exists — in the form of a werewolf!
Jonas Willits has it all--the good looks, the prestigious name, and the massive international corporation. He could have any woman on the planet, but to his family’s dismay, he remains stubbornly single. They've tried to set him up and, when that doesn’t work, they’ve even resorted to trickery. Nothing is effective because Jonas has only loved one woman his entire life but she died years ago and he’ll never get over her.

With the help of strangers who grew into friends, Darby started a new life for herself and her child. For the most part, she’s content but there are times every day that she feels she’s missing an important piece of her life. Since she can’t remember the past, though, it remains a mystery. One day a man shows up, announces that she belongs to him, and drags her away. Darby’s scared—not only for her son, but also her heart.