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J.C. Williams - book author

J C Williams is a bestselling author from the Isle of Man.

He's delighted to advise his hilarious new book, The Bookshop by the Beach, is available now. The perfect romantic comedy, and one guaranteed to make you smile!

His books are for those who don’t take life too seriously and are funny, poignant and ultimately uplifting.

He writes books both for the little ankle-biters and also the older audience. They're written with delightful humour and will leave you with a huge smile on your face.

He presently has twelve titles (soon to be thirteen) and all are available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle with some now also available in Audio format.

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J.C. Williams is the author of books: The Lonely Heart Attack Club (The Lonely Heart Attack Club #1), TT Races (Frank 'n' Stan's Bucket List #1), The Seaside Detective Agency (The Isle of Man #1), Wrinkly Olympics (The Lonely Heart Attack Club #2), TT Races (Frank 'n' Stan's Bucket List #2), The Lonely Heart Attack Club - Project VIP (The Lonely Heart Attack Club, #3), Isle 'Le Mans' TT (Frank 'n' Stan's Bucket List #3), Bride of Frank 'n' Stan (Frank 'n' Stan's Bucket List #4), My Final Excuse, The Bookshop by the Beach

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When Helen walked out on Jack, she left him with three things:

1. The lease on a decrepit flat that fortunately only had a couple of months to run.
2. The lease on a failing coffee shop - that had ‘always been her dream’.
3. Horace the cat.

The client base on the once thriving shop was now threadbare.

The salvation for Jack - and the shop - could be right in front of his very eyes; the beautiful and underappreciated shop assistant and friend, Emma. Her insistence that Jack cared about someone – other than himself – would bring him closer to those who were keeping his business alive; his elderly customers.

A disgraced, ex-BBC presenter and a world record attempt would also be a key ingredient in the success of the Isle of Man’s only dating and social club for the elderly – The Lonely Heart Attack Club.
Frank’s had better days…

The doctor gave him the news he didn't want and Frank's discovered the worst kept secret in Liverpool; that his wife’s fitness instructor is providing her services that extend beyond the gym.

With time a dwindling commodity, Frank decides it’s time to do something he wants to do. With a little encouragement from his oldest friend, Stan, the first destination for his ‘bucket-list’ is the Isle of Man TT Races.

They were content to just spectate, but fate had other ideas.
A wickedly funny Cozy Mystery, set in the Isle of Man. You will not read a funnier mystery this year!

‘Eyes Peeled’ is the Isle of Man’s first and only Detective Agency.

Not much happens on the idyllic Island that needs detecting, so, on the whole, the team is not the most adept. In fact, generally speaking, they’re pretty useless.

One of the agency’s more eager employees is Sam Levy. Nearing forty, he’s finally found a job he actually loves – even if he isn’t particularly good at it.

Okay, let’s be honest. He’s rubbish.

Still, Sam’s services are secured by persons unknown to track down a glamorous, yet mysterious, art dealer recently arrived on the sleepy Island. Her arrival itself isn’t overly suspicious... but the international crime boss hot on her tail most certainly is!

Sam is desperate to prove himself and impress his pretty colleague, Abby, but this investigation could end up putting him in rather a spot of bother, with our hero risking life, limb, and hairpiece!

With this case, he could have bitten off more than he can chew.
Welcome to 'The Lonely Heart Attack Club’ A laugh out loud romantic comedy, that's poignant, uplifting and ridiculously funny.

This is the second book in the series and a perfect holiday read that will leave you with a smile on your face

Jack, Emma and the gang from the Lonely Heart Attack Club are back.

For their next challenge, how will they surpass a World Record attempt? Get their members to compete in an Olympic Games for the elderly, of course!

The ‘Wrinkly Olympics’ is a feel good, heart-warming story that’s sublimely funny.

The old folk have been in training, but will the ‘Silver Sprinters’ walk away with a gold medal?
Frank’s too busy enjoying life just now to worry about dying.

Bucket list item №1 for Frank and his oldest friend, Stan, was the TT Races. They did it, and loved it so much, that now they’re heading back for item №2 on the list – TT Races yet again!

The fledgeling race team they’d cobbled together on their first outing – despite moments of definite glory – didn’t exactly thrive. But, despite this, they’ve once again secured the trusty services of Dave and Monty – the two most out of shape, yet passionate and dedicated, racers in the paddock – and they’re optimistically eyeing a top ten finish.

With his unhappy marriage and wallet-draining ex-wife now firmly in the past, Frank is ready for a positive change – time and health permitting. Life in the glorious Isle of Man has rejuvenated him, and he’s now eager, in fact, to make it his home. But he’s not going anywhere unless his mate Stan’s coming, too!
The gang from the best-selling comedy series are back!

Life rarely stands still when you surround yourself with old folk with more energy than a sugar-fuelled toddler and, for Jack Tate, well, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Lonely Heart Attack Club was going from strength to strength, and the gang were eager to sink their (false) teeth into their next challenge.

After seeing first-hand the benefits that internet access has brought to a couple of simpletons like Ray and Grandad, the team set their sights on providing tablet computers to those in the community that would benefit from them the most. However, that would take a serious amount of dosh, so they would need to double their fundraising efforts.

Unfortunately, it would appear that not everyone was on board with the charitable work, and a serious error in judgement threatened to undo all of their good work and leave the charity in ruins.
The Gang is back for another crazy adventure.

The idea of the maverick racer, Dave Quirk, winning a TT was as probable as a seaside donkey winning the Grand National… But he'd been trying to do exactly that.

An unlikely victory would also secure the TT Farm for Frank and Stan’s charity, but it was a crumbling, financial black hole and filled with asbestos. Dave and Monty quitting their jobs to work there wasn’t fantastic timing, either. The charity needed a truckload of cash, and fast.

They had to go big on their fundraising ideas, so, the Isle of Man – home of the famous TT Races – would play host to a twenty-four-hour racing extravaganza and they’d need a high-profile celebrity for maximum exposure.

The object of Stella’s darkest desire, Guy Martin, was kidnapped was willing and eager to offer his services for the inaugural Isle ‘Le Mans’ TT.

They were full of good intentions, but, as usual, the path was rarely smooth for Team Frank and Stan.

Particularly when romance was also thrown into the mix...
The gang are back in the latest book of the feel-good, smash hit comedy 'This is the funniest series of books I've ever read. End-off!' 'You don't need to love bikes or even the Isle of Man TT Races to adore these books. Feel-good brilliance.' 'You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll smile but, oh my, it'll leave you wanting more. Heartwarming brilliance and has to be made into a film.' Life rarely stands still when you find yourself surrounded by a bunch of loveable crackpots. Certainly, that was the case for Frank and Stan.

With their hugely successful ‘Le Mans’ TT now behind them, thoughts turned to their next adventure and, inevitably, also to the topic of their own mortality.

Still, the gang had their first Christmas at the TT Farm to look forward to, and the prospect of entering a team for the next Isle of Man TT races as well. So, on the whole, life was pretty darn good — and especially so, now that wedding bells could also be heard chiming in the distance. It seemed nothing could dampen their sprits…

Until, that is, an old cretinous, cravat-wearing acquaintance appears with an offer they simply cannot refuse, so to speak. Well, they could refuse the offer, of course. But doing so could mean losing all they’d worked so very hard to achieve and leaving them at real risk of having everything come crashing down around their ears.

There were certainly strong headwinds facing them, but Team Frank & Stan would never abandon ship and go down without a fight! And, besides, they’d always have Stella on deck, manning the canons!
Librarian's Note: Retitled as The Flip of a Coin

The Flip of a Coin is a hilarious and compelling story about taking a chance and hoping beyond all hope that it works out. Something we’ve all dreamed of doing!

"A real feel-good book, that will put a smile on your face."

Tom is a waster – devoid of responsibility or commitment, but very likeable.

He's the first person you'd invite to your party and the last one to leave. A little of your sensible side wants to be like Tom.

Turning the wrong side of 30 hit him hard. He was single with no prospects; he wasn't stupid, he just didn't want to grow up.

He wanted more out of life but in typical style, he didn't have a plan, money or the faintest idea where to begin. He'd start by quitting his job and if he found love along the way; even better!
Libby Tebbit had absolutely had her fill of big-city life.

So, when presented with the opportunity to take over her gran’s shop, The Bookshop by the Beach, she’d have been crazy to turn it down, right?

Idyllic notions of lazy days by the ocean shore, shooing away the surplus eligible bachelors circling around her like squawking gulls, filled her head. These things were certain to await her, she felt confident, in this next glorious chapter of her life – this wonderful seaside adventure on the Isle of Man.

Only her business acumen was about as useless as her choice in men. Still, nothing ventured nothing gained. And, besides, what’s the worst that could happen?

Well, quite a lot as she’d soon discover. In a relatively short amount of time, a business that’d operated fairly successfully for forty years was on its knees – and, sadly, Libby’s dance card was also emptier than her bank account.

She wasn’t ready to let go of her dream so easily. Not just yet. All she needed, then, was a plan to turn around the ailing fortunes of The Bookshop by the Beach, and fast!