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Harmony Raines - book author

Harmony Raines loves to write romance filled with magic and love. Her men are usually not so alpha, but they know how to treat their fated mates, or alien lovers well.


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Harmony Raines is the author of books: Daddy Bear (Return to Bear Creek, #1), Mountain Bear (Return to Bear Creek, #2), Silverback Dragon (Return to Bear Creek #6), Complete Bear Creek and Bear Bluff Box Sets: Including exclusive book Best Man Bear, Honey Bear (Return to Bear Creek, #3), The Bear Buys a Bride (A Second Chance Christmas in Bear Creek #1), Forever Bear (Return to Bear Creek #4), Storm Bear (Return to Bear Creek #5), Rescued by the Bear (Bear Creek Clan, #1), The Wolf Wants a Wife (A Second Chance Christmas in Bear Creek #2)

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For bear shifter Jamie, the army was easy compared to taking on the duties of a daddy bear to two orphaned children. When his best friend dies in a car crash, Jamie is solely responsible for Jasper and Juliet.

When he meets his mate, in the form of delectable Dani Darling, he is scared he will be torn between his love and duty toward the children, and his love and need for his mate.

Add in the minefield of being a single dad at the school gates, and he’s in for a bumpy ride.

Teacher Dani Darling has moved to Bear Creek for a fresh start. She’s known heartbreak and loss, and wants this fresh beginning to be uncomplicated, so she sets herself a rule - NO dating parents, or relatives, of the children in her first-grade class.

But she had not factored in Jamie, and the way he makes her feel.

Can she put her heartbreak behind her, and will Jamie still want her when her secret is revealed?

Find out in Daddy Bear.
Caroline has seen her brother Jamie find his mate, and his happily ever after. However, she can’t see the same happiness ever being hers since the man she loved died. Not that he would ever have been hers, fate had seen to that. But no matter how many times she reminds herself he belonged to another, her heart is still in pieces.

So a chance to climb a mountain, to ask reclusive movie star Eden Carter about some land, seems like the perfect opportunity to put her thoughts in order and let go of the past. Little does she know; her future is waiting for her at the top of the mountain - if she can only persuade him to come back down.

Everyone wanted a piece of him. Carter Eden was at the height of his career when an incident involving a fan made him turn his back on that life. Now his mate is here, and he knows that the only way they will ever be happy is if he deals with his past and goes back to the real world with Caroline.

Can these two unlikely mates find happiness?
He knows she’s here, somewhere close by, so why can’t he find her? Can fate really be so cruel?

Harlan can sense his mate. He has sensed her for months, and yet he can’t find her. Is he too old? Are his senses failing? Maybe it’s his imagination. Maybe it’s time to leave Bear Creek, and all his hopes behind.

Fiona has hidden away for centuries. Only when she met the people of Bear Creek and learned to trust them, did she dare reveal her other side. Only here has she acknowledged she is a dragon shifter. That’s what love does to a person, it allows them to be themselves. It allows them to trust, to believe.

But something is stirring out there. Something that calls to her heart and her soul.

She knows it’s time to reveal her true self. Whatever the cost. And, from experience, Fiona knows the cost only too well.
Just when it looks as if she is going to get her own happy ever after, fate has one more hand to play. Two girls are handed to social services by their stepmother. It’s not unusual, Fiona has seen it many times before—Five hundred and thirty-one—to be exact. But these two girls are special. Very special, and Fiona will sacrifice everything to give them the home they need.

Will her mate feel the same way? Or will she have to make the ultimate sacrifice?
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After watching the man, she thought she was in love with, fall for Chloe, her best friend, Olivia swears off men, at least until Chloe’s wedding is over. A wedding she has helped to plan. Oh, and she’s also the maid of honor. What’s that phrase? Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

But she loves Chloe, and knows she deserves to be happy with her husband to be, Nate.

And then Joshua enters her life. As Nate’s best man, they are expected to work closely together, and when Chloe’s past threatens to put a black cloud over her special day, Olivia knows she has to act. Reluctantly accepting Joshua’s offer to help, they go on a short road trip. Will it be the road to happiness for Olivia?

Polar bear shifter Joshua arrives from Alaska to be best man for his friend Nate. What he doesn’t expect to find is his mate, in the curvy form of Olivia. But Olivia has no idea shifters exist. When she finds out the truth, she is upset and hurt, believing the whole town has been keeping secrets from her.

Can Joshua save the wedding, and convince her to be his mate?

Includes - Bear Creek Complete Series

Rescued by the Bear (Bear Creek Clan Book 1)
Finding Her Bear (Bear Creek Clan Book 2)
Tamed by the Bear (Bear Creek Clan Book 3)
Snowbound With The Bear (Bear Creek Clan Book 4)
Biker Bear Billionaire (Bear Creek Clan Book 5)
A Bride for the Bear (Bear Creek Clan Book 6)

Bear Bluff Complete Series
Bound To Her Bear (Bear Bluff Clan Book 1)
Doctor Bear (Bear Bluff Clan Book 2)
Stranded With Her Bear (Bear Bluff Clan Book 3)
Home Or Her Bear (Bear Bluff Clan Book 4)
Fated To Her Bear (Bear Bluff Clan Book 5)
Lonely Bear (Bear Bluff Clan Book 6)
Best Man Bear (Bear Bluff Clan Book 7)
She’s sweeter than honey.

Fern had a rough time growing up. Now she’s making a new life for herself in Bear Creek. A simple, uncomplicated life. But then she meets Theo and everything changes. He offers her his love, he offers her his loyalty. He tells her he will love her forever. Can she ever be the woman he wants and deserves?

Bear shifter Theo left Bear Creek to see the world. But now his dad needs him.

Theo never expected to find his mate, but she’s there at the airport, waiting to take him to see his dad, and the bond between them is unmistakable. He sees the way she covers her wrists, he knows there is a darkness inside her. He knows he is the one who can shine a light on that darkness and extinguish it forever.

Fern is the sweetest woman he’s ever met, shy, reserved, innocent. And just like honey to a bear, one taste of her lips is never going to be enough. Can this honey bear win his mate’s heart, and seal her happiness?
Matthew just bought his bride.

Only she doesn’t know it yet.

Bear shifter, Matthew, just bought his mate at a charity auction. Okay, so what he actually bought was an afternoon of pet pampering—he doesn’t own a pet.
Maybe he could pamper her instead?
Only he’s the bad guy, who came to town to destroy the animal shelter, so he could build luxury houses on the land.
Yes, he is the Christmas villain. But he intends to change. For Sian.

Sian is done with men. Her soon-to-be-ex-husband, Peter, was a bully who never appreciated the wonderful family he was part of but won’t sign the divorce papers and hand over the money he owes her. To make things worse, he arrived in town to embarrass her at the charity auction she’d helped arrange.
But then a Christmas miracle happened. Matthew Lewis, a billionaire property tycoon, paid a small fortune for an afternoon with her. Okay, so what he actually bought was an afternoon of pet pampering—but she knows he doesn’t have a pet.
So maybe she could pamper him instead?

Wait! Matthew is the bad guy in town. Sian has sworn off men for life. And she has two daughters who must come first.
But he’s a bear shifter and they mate for life. Can she risk her heart on a man again? Is it possible they might all get their wish and get a Second Chance Christmas in Bear Creek?
Can Cal convince Teagan he is her forever bear?

Teagan’s mom never got over her mate leaving after a brief relationship. Unable to cope, she handed her baby over to foster care.

A part of Teagan always felt abandoned, and yet she never let herself believe she was unworthy of love. Yet her childhood and all the unanswered questions she has stored up, still haunt her.

Then bear shifter Cal walks into her life—OK, so maybe he doesn’t walk into her life. Cal saves her from drowning in a flooded creek and gives her the kiss of life. One of many, many, kisses if Cal has his way.

Cal senses her need to find answers. All he hopes is when Teagan finds them, she doesn’t think history will repeat itself. He is now, and will always be, her forever bear.
Curvy girl Chrysi hikes into the mountains with her fiancé. In no time at all, she realizes he is not the man for her, as his façade slips. What she did not expect, apart from a whiny man in place of the charming guy she fell in love with, is an attempted kidnapping.

Her hopes and dreams are soon left shattered, and with a snow storm moving in, her engagement might not be the only thing that is dead.

Running from her would be kidnappers, she stumbles across Nevis. But can this man be trusted, or is he a part of the conspiracy too?

Nevis has escaped into the mountains to think about his future. His father wants him to get a proper job—What that really means is, his father wants Nevis to work for him in the business he built from scratch. That is never going to happen.
What Nevis does not expect, is to find his mate wandering lost, as a deadly storm moves in. The only problem? She is wearing another man’s ring on her finger. Nevis soon realizes everything is not as it seems, and not only does he have to save her from the storm, but he also must save her from the men who want to harm her.
Rescued by the Bear is set in Bear Creek, and can be read as a standalone story

Abbi finds herself on the run from a tiger. Not any ordinary tiger, this one can change from man to tiger in an instant. Her innocence attracts him and he plans to claim her as his own. What Abbi doesn't know, is she has run straight into the path of the only person in the world who is willing to lay down his life for her.

After waiting centuries for his mate to appear, bear shifter Brad, the sheriff of Bear Creek, is shocked to find her hiding out in a ruined house. Trying to unravel her story, and protect her from whatever it is that hunts her, he keeps his other self a secret.

Rescuing her is the easy part. How is he ever supposed to explain to her he is a shifter too. Will she run? Or will he convince her all he wants to do is mate with her and raise a family of bear cubs.
Simon always wanted a wife—and child.

He just never expected them to arrive as one perfect package.

Wolf shifter, Simon, thought his chances of finding his mate and raising a child were gone. But then he finds his pregnant mate and it seems as if fate has stepped in to fulfill his wish.

All he needs to do is protect her from the father of her unborn baby, who is determined to rip the child away from its mother to raise as his own. Alone.

Gemma’s life has fallen apart. No, that’s not quite accurate. Gemma’s life has been destroyed by the father of her child. She’s lost her job, had her bank accounts frozen, and been chased across the country by a man who wants her unborn child for himself.

Not happening. Gemma will do whatever it takes to keep her child.

When she winds up alone and broke in Bear Creek, she can’t believe her luck when a silver-haired wolf shifter tells her he is her mate. He promises to protect her and her child. But can she allow him to risk everything for her?

Can they prevent Gemma’s baby being taken and get a Second Chance Christmas in Bear Creek?