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Nilanjan P. Choudhury - book author

Nilanjan P. Choudhury’s most recent novel is "Shillong Times", a coming of age story set against the insider-outsider conflict in Shillong in the 1980s. His debut novel, a mythological thriller entitled “Bali and the Ocean of Milk”, was a (very) brief best-seller. His subsequent writings include “The Case of the Secretive Sister” a contemporary detective caper set in Bangalore and "The Square Root of a Sonnet", a pioneering play on the history and science of black holes, both of which received wide critical acclaim.

Nilanjan confesses to having studied at IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Kanpur and hopes that this will not be held against him. He grew up in Shillong and now lives in Bangalore with his family.

Nilanjan P. Choudhury is the author of books: Shillong Times: A Story of Friendship And Fear, Bali and the Ocean of Milk, The Case of the Secretive Sister

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Saucy apsaras, paranoid asuras, scheming devas...
caught in a tangled web of murder, myth and mirth...

Something is rotten in the state of Amravati. A mysterious ailment afflicts Indrah, reducing the omnipotent king of the gods to, well, not quite the man he used to be. To add to his woes, the Holy Trinity threaten to fire him for dereliction of duty. But Indrah’s troubles wilt in comparison to those of his asura counterpart, Bali, ruler of Tripura.

Even as Indrah sits fretting over his delicate health, an assassination attempt on Bali leaves the asura on the brink of death.There is only one thing that can save both these men from certain doom: amrit, the mythical nectar. But to secure it, the gods and the asuras will have to cooperate and churn the Ocean of Milk together… Will Indrah and Bali be able to set aside their ancient enmity, or will old rivalries keep them from pulling off this epic feat?
"A delightful read. May the Chatterjee Institute of Detection keep on sleuthing in sequels." ​Jug Suraiya, Author & Columnist

"Good old detective fiction with a touch of levity that will grip readers and keep them in stitches." E. P. Unny, Author & Cartoonist, Indian Express

"A breath of fresh air where intelligent comedy is served in its full glory."-The Sunday Tribune

"Hidden identities, pepper spray cans, wicked auto drivers ... all delivered with good doses of laughs" - The Telegraph

​"Delicious mix of slapstick and near believability that can tickle the ribs." –

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When four year old Pinky Chaddha turns in a dreadful performance at the nursery entrance exams of Holy Angels Convent School, her application for admission is rejected. But her mother, the hyper-ambitious Mrs. Pammi Chaddha, will stop at nothing to get her little brat admitted into Bangalore‟s snootiest school. She hires the one man who can accomplish this feat – Mr. Chatterjee, sole proprietor of The Chatterjee Institute of Detection and reluctant investigator of disappearing drivers, missing maids and misplaced cats.

But Mr. Chatterjee must first contend with Sister D‟Souza, the formidable headmistress of Holy Angels, who has no place for second-rate applicants like Pinky Chaddha in her school. Confronted by an adversary as ruthless as the criminal masterminds that he dreams of hunting down, Mr. Chatterjee soon finds himself running out of ideas, running out of luck and running half-naked down the streets of Bangalore to escape the clutches of villainous policemen with arresting moustaches.

If Mr. Chatterjee is to survive the assignment with his dignity intact, he must unearth the mysterious secret that the good Sister D‟Souza has so carefully concealed from the rest of the world. Unfortunately, time is not on his side… even worse, his personal assistant, the maddeningly inept Miss Jolly Kutty is…