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Becca Klaver is the author of the full-length poetry collections LA Liminal (Kore Press, 2010), Empire Wasted (Bloof Books, 2016), and Ready for the World (Black Lawrence Press, 2020) as well as the chapbooks Inside a Red Corvette: A 90s Mix Tape (greying ghost press, 2009), Nonstop Pop (Bloof, 2013), and Merrily, Merrily (Lame House Press, 2013). She holds degrees from the University of Southern California (BA), Columbia College Chicago (MFA), and Rutgers University (PhD). A founding editor of the feminist poetry press Switchback Books, she is also the co-editor of the digital poetry anthology Electric Gurlesque.

Becca Klaver is the author of books: LA Liminal, Inside A Red Corvette, Ready for the World, Empire Wasted: Poems, Nonstop Pop, Merrily, Merrily, The Great Gatsby Anthology, Narrative (Dis)continuities: Prose Experiments By Younger American Writers, Election Day, By the Slice

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Viewed through the penetrating eyes of a failed Hollywood hopeful, with the advantage of distance and a sharp tongue, this poetry collection is a guided tour through an internalized, apocalyptic landscape—one that lies beneath the spectacle of Los Angeles. Transitional places and phases are imagined as frightening and ripe, capable of producing a space where anxiety and creativity cohabit the narrated realm of the speaker. The poet employs a dryly personal tone, surprising refractions of language, acute sense of metaphor, and humor. Armed with these, her probing meditations and acerbic wit poke a careful hole through the glittering surface, to put a cocktail-ringed finger right on the humanity beneath it, until LA functions not just as synecdoche for country and national identity, but becomes a trope for personal identity, and more specifically, a feminine identity rebuilt from the wreckage of failure.
An honest and at times quite intimate look upon the simple peculiarities of being an adult slightly offset by the peculiar simplicities of their youth. Imagine finding that tape you made after school that one hellish tuesday - the same that got stuck in your car's deck until you yanked it out with a screwdriver after you sold it to a junkyard for parts. Becca Klaver's inviting wit makes you long for the book equivalent to auto-reverse.
What does it take for a girl to get ready for the world, and is it ever possible to go back? Ready for the World is a book of poems, spells, performance scripts, and feminist fairytales that derives its magic from tarot and astrology, feminist artist foremothers, and virtual and IRL covens. In her update of the lyric “I” for the digital age, Klaver claims for poetry the trivialized tones of femininity, unwilling to give up on the possibility of an outside to patriarchy as she loops around in cyclical time to access a spirit of magic, play, friendship, and artmaking.

Written in the years Klaver was collaborating on feminist writing, performance, ritual, and activism in person and online in the form of the (G)IRL writing group, The Real Housewives of Bohemia podcast, the Women Poets Wearing Sweatpants website, the Anti-Surveillance Feminist Poet Hair & Makeup Party roving mob, and the Enough Is Enough proto-#MeToo activist collective, Ready for the World explores how alternative practices and communities can resist destructive forms of power and conjure other ways of being and knowing.
In Empire Wasted , Becca Klaver fashions a poetry of digital upheaval, dystopian feminism, and political theater. - Becca Klaver is the author of Empire Wasted and LA Liminal, and cohost of the podcast The Real Housewives of Bohemia.
Nonstop Pop is the third chapbook in the 2012-2013 series from Bloof Books. Each chapbook in the series will be released in a limited edition of one hundred numbered copies, followed by a digital release.

Klaver samples movie dialogue, invents new lyrics for her favorite band, recalls a blog post by Eileen Myles, rewrites the dictionary a few times, plays Slip 'N Slide with America, cheekily appropriates testimonials for a popular self-help book, and expresses a few feelings by way of their equivalent b®and names for maximal market penetration in these 22 pop-influenced poems.

The design concept of Nonstop Pop is reminscent of a pop album or CD, in a square shape, with full-color ink jet cover and a snippet of the lyrics on the back. The run of 100 copies are hand-sewn in natural twine.

Becca Klaver is the author of the poetry collection LA Liminal (Kore Press, 2010) and several chapbooks. She is a PhD student in English at Rutgers University and lives in Brooklyn, NY. For more information, visit her blog Pomo Expo.
A Collection of poetry and prose inspired by The Great Gatsby from 80 established and up-and-coming authors: Katie Aliferis, E. Kristin Anderson, M. Ivana Trevisani Bach, Johannes S.H. Bjerg, Julie E. Bloemeke, Karen Boissonneault-Gauthier, Ed Bremson, Tanya Bryan, Ana Maria Caballero, Sam Cha, Jan Chronister, Maryann Corbett, Anthony Costello, Tasha Cotter, Helen Dallas, Tracy Davidson, Susan de Sola, Andrea Janelle Dickens, Michelle Donfrio , Jennifer Finstrom, Ashley Ford, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Shivapriya Ganapathy, Marielle Gauthier, Trina Gaynon, Gary Glauber, Douglas Goetsch, Lois Marie Harrod, Senna Heyatawin, Joanie Hieger Fritz Zosike, Shawn P. Hosking, Veronica Hosking, Mathias Jansson, Jen Cullerton Johnson, David M. Katz, Becca Klaver, Laurie Kolp, Linda Kraus, Jean L. Kreiling, Kathryn Kulpa, David W. Landrum, Samantha LeVan, Stefanie Lipsey, Caolan Madden, Shahé Mankerian, Marjorie Manwaring, John McCarthy, Catfish McDaris, George McKim, Sarah Fawn Montgomery, Christina Murphy, Leslie Nichols, Lewis Oakwood, Alysson B. Parker, Martha Patterson, James Penha, David S. Pointer, Christina M. Rau, Suzanne Rawlinson, Patrick T. Reardon, Marybeth Rua-Larsen, Shloka Shankar, Sheikha A., Edward W.L. Smith, Matthew Oldham Smith, Sherry Steiner, Christine Stroud, Marianne Titiriga, Sally Toner, Lee Upton, Sylvia Riojas Vaughn, Melanie Villines, Rachel Voss, Alan Walowitz, Amy Schreibman Walter, Susannah White, Lin Whitehouse, Neal Whitman, Scott Wiggerman, Matthew Wilson, Theodora Ziolkowski
Election Day was originally published online at Daily Gramma on November 8th, 2016. This chapbook version is published in an edition of 500, in collaboration with Publication Studio. Printed with Risograph by Cold Cube Press, hand-sewn. 8 x 5 inches. 9pp.

All proceeds from Election Day will be donated to the ACLU.

"It goes without saying that we do not share the same language as our president-elect, Donald Trump. Actually, we do need to say it. Every bigoted Trump statement entitles, emboldens, and even enlists people to use sexist, homophobic, and racist rhetoric. It legitimizes hate speech, and those that engage in it need not feel absolved because it’s been sanctioned. One can openly threaten and harass minorities—our president does! One can assault women—our president does!

This poem, Election Day, stands in direct opposition to this language. Published on November 8th by Gramma Poetry, this poem was collaboratively written as a representation of collected ethics, outrage, solidarity, empowerment. And now, after the dichotomous election result, it reflects back as testament to our enduring courage and unified articulation in the face of political exigencies. To “grab myself by the pussy” (a play on the now trended “pussy grab back”) destabilizes the dangerous rhetoric put forth by Trump. It is willfully contumacious. Its authority is not legitimized by Trump, its legitimized by all the women who wrote it and all of us who read it.

As we move forward together, we need to know that what we say matters. We need to find better ways to hear each other. Words are important, and I’m proud that this poem exists today to speak for me, to speak for her, and for all of us.

Thank you to Gramma Poetry for publishing Election Day, editor Lillian Ruth Nickerson, and its contributors: Sarah Jean Alexander, Cedar Brant, Frances Chiem (née Dinger), Brittany Dennison, Claire Fox, Emily Kendal Frey, Christine Shan Shan Hou, Katherine Indermaur, Denise Jarrott, Rachel Jensen, Sam Kilometer, Becca Klaver, Sophia Le Fraga, Liz Mehl, Amber Nelson, Lillian Ruth Nickerson, Chessy Normile, A.M. O’Malley, Michelle Peñaloza, Hajara Quinn, Kim Selling, Sara Sutter, Stacey Tran, Lu Yim, CL Young, and Maged Zaher."

Patricia No, November 9th, 2016
An anthology of 12 pizza poems by female-identified poets.

Includes poems by: Amy Berkowitz and Zoe Tuck, Jennifer Jackson Berry, Sarah A. Chavez, Marissa Crawford, Carrie Hunter, Becca Klaver, Courtney Marie, Carrie Murphy, Alexandra Naughton, Alina Pleskova, Jaclyn Sadicario, and Nicole Steinberg.