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D.D. Larsen - book author

D.D. Larsen is the author of books: Perfect. (Perfect Series Book 1), Imperfect.

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On the cusp of adulthood and believing she’s got her future figured out, high school senior Seryna has her life thrown into a chaos of love, lust, and passion when she crosses paths with a handsome stranger in her small mountain town. But this stranger is more than handsome. Kieran is rich, powerful, and part of the FBI team investigating Seryna’s family.

Driven by desire and the intense connection she feels for her new lover, Seryna must choose between Kieran and betraying her family. After years of thinking she had the perfect plan for the perfect life, now she finds herself questioning those she loves.

Family secrets emerge and dangers surround young Seryna and her man. Who will she choose? Can she find more from life than what she expected? Can love and passion truly save the day and their lives?
As her senior year of high school nears its end, Seryna believes she knows what she wants out of life. But when she falls in love with a handsome stranger, untapped feelings and desires she never knew she had come forward.

Pulled into a romance that changes her life, she engages in an affair with rich and powerful Kieran. Soon, complications beyond new love emerge for the young woman, including her lover’s role in the FBI investigation of her family’s potential crimes. It results in a suspenseful romance filled with twists and turns.

Is her family hiding a dark secret? Will she take a chance on a new life of passion and romance, even if it means giving up her plans for the future?

In this sexy novel with a passionate love story, author D. D. Larsen introduces readers to a young woman at the crossroads between the old family ways and a new world of passion and fulfillment.