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LJ Vickery - book author

LJ Vickery is the author of books: Primal Protector: Federal Paranormal Unit (Gemma-Hydrox Book 6), Hutch Nightmare Men, Primal Protector (Gemma-Hydrox Book 6), Hutch (Nightmare Men book 1), Keeping Pace: Paranormal Dating Agency, Star Bright: Paranormal Dating Agency, Nightmare Men Hutch, Immortals Redeemed

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Galvez is unapproachable, grumpy. He’s always a team player, but a loner when not on assignment. His philosophy? Get in, get it done, get out. But the individuals in this particular case aren’t making things easy. Several have gotten under his skin, and the mission is beginning to feel uncomfortably personal. One, brilliant, compelling woman in particular has him rethinking his reclusiveness, propelling him toward making the biggest reveal of his life.

Bambu’s existence has been turned upside-down. She's forced to work for her evil brother, caretake her five-year-old sister, and babysit a galaxial menagerie. She’s barely taken all that in stride when the enigmatic Galvez is thrust into her solar system. What’s she to do when he offers her hope and the potential for a strong partnership…strings attached?
Hutch Bates isn’t fooling anybody. His psychiatric practice is one in name, only. He doesn’t practice, he prescribes. When he’s called out for his transgressions, shock hits hard. His license isn’t revoked, his life is. But he’s given a second chance. He must drastically reset his moral compass while rendering immediate aid to a woman suffering PTSD induced nightmares. If he succeeds, his sentence will be mitigated. If he fails, Hell awaits.