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When time travel romance writer Mariah Stone isn't busy writing strong modern women falling back through time into the arms of hot Vikings, Highlanders, and pirates, she chases after her toddler and spends romantic nights on North Sea with her husband. Mariah speaks six languages, loves Outlander, sushi and Thai food, and runs a local writer's group. Subscribe to Mariah's newsletter for a free time travel book today!

Mariah Stone is the author of books: The Fortress of Time (Called by a Viking #1), Highlander's Captive (Called by a Highlander, #1), The Marriage of Time (Called by a Viking, #3), The Tree of Time (Called by a Viking, #5), The Surf of Time (Called by a Viking Series, #4), The Jewel of Time (Called by a Viking #2), Highlander's Hope (Called by a Highlander, #2), Highlander's Heart (Called by a Highlander, #3), Called by a Viking series Box Set: Five steamy Time Travel Romances, Highlander's Love: A Scottish Historical Time Travel Romance (Called by a Highlander Book 4)

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She rights wrongs on the behalf of womankind. He wields a bloody battle-axe. What happens when a modern feminist stares down a hunky Viking?

New York discrimination lawyer Donna relentlessly pursues justice for women. But her secret attraction to alpha males is her only weakness, and she can't resist the sexy battle-clad Viking of her nighttime fantasies. Just when she's about to say "yes" to the tempting giant, she realizes with a shock that she's not in a dream at all—she’s actually back in ancient Norway!

Sigurd loves his people and vows to keep them safe, but his village fortress desperately needs rebuilding. After losing a bloody battle, he doesn't have enough men left to shore up their defenses and he staunchly refuses to allow the women to help. But when a blonde goddess appears out of thin air, what else could it be but an omen?

As Donna's women's lib battles Sigurd's Viking male arrogance, enemies close in for the attack. Can the lawyer and the warrior see past their millennium-wide cultural differences, or will vicious raiders pillage their chance at love?

The Fortress of Time: A Time Travel Romance is the first book in the sexy Called by a Viking series. If you like powerful Nordic rulers, intelligent female characters, and steamy intimate connections, then you’ll love Mariah Stone's racy Norwegian tale.

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She’s lost in the past. He’s a powerful Scottish warrior. Can star-crossed love find a future between the ages?

Search-and-rescue officer Amy MacDougall fears being trapped—both in small, dark places and in a relationship. But while chaperoning a high school trip to Scotland, she’s forced to confront her claustrophobia to save a student in a castle dungeon. And when a magical rock in the ruins catapults her through time to 1307 AD, she’s alarmed to come face-to-face with a handsome Scottish warrior.

Highlander Craig Cambel refuses to trust anyone after the MacDougall clan kidnapped and assaulted his sister. So when he discovers a beautiful woman in a secret tunnel in the stronghold he’s infiltrating, he locks her up to prevent her from warning the enemy. But when she proves helpful to his people despite being a MacDougall, he can’t stop his icy mistrust melting into desire.

As Amy searches for a way back home, she finds her phobia of commitment fading and falls for the brave Scot. But when Craig learns the mysterious woman isn’t who he thought she was, all his dark doubts reignite.

Will the distance of centuries shatter their hearts forever, or will they give in to destiny and build a happy future?

Highlander’s Captive is the enchanting first book in the Called by a Highlander time travel romance series. If you like courageous warriors, quick-witted heroines, and lush historical details, then you’ll adore Mariah Stone’s passionate story.
She's on the run. He has a Viking vendetta. When they unite through history, will they find doom or destiny?

Boston, 2019. Mia is desperate to protect her unborn child. Under her mafia boyfriend's watchful eye, the pediatrician is out of options until a Norn transports her back in time. Swept off her feet by a muscular Norseman who calls her his betrothed, she plays along for safety until his touch gives her so much more…

Norway, 874. Hakon the Beast's offer to marry the daughter of his enemy is part of a murderous scheme. Obsessed with destroying the king who killed his mother, he expects to feel nothing for his bride. But when she's the complete opposite of what he expected, Hakon's cold-blooded quest could melt under his burning desire.

When a deadly outbreak reveals both of their secrets, Mia and Hakon realize their fiery romance may not be enough to keep them alive.

With centuries between them, can Mia and Hakon find a way to cling tightly to love?

The Marriage of Time is the third standalone book in the steamy Called by a Viking series of time-travel romances. If you like sexy Nordic adventures, engaging characters, and heart-wrenching twists, then you'll love Mariah Stone's captivating story.

Read The Marriage of Time to discover a passion that spans history today!
A contemporary businesswoman. A ninth-century Viking warrior. Can they overcome history and grow the perfect love?

Florida, 2019. Hugely successful CEO Holly longs for a child, and maybe even a man of her own to love. But after dead-end relationships and multiple failed IVF procedures, she’s convinced she’ll be alone eternally. Until hope arrives as she travels back in time and is rescued from sacrifice by a muscular swordsman.

Scotland, 880 AD. Viking warrior Einar remains haunted by his wife’s death in childbirth. But rather than mourn, he must obey orders from his king to rid the Orkney Islands’ colony of outlaws and find a new wife. Though he’s duty bound, he vows never to take another woman to bed…

Desperate to return to the modern world, Holly is torn by her growing attraction to the kindhearted Einar. And when their bond produces a child, the dual dangers of a life-threatening labor and persistent raiders could doom them both.

Can Holly and Einar conceive a forever love across the bounds of centuries?

The Tree of Time is the final book in the emotional Called by a Viking time travel romance series. If you like hot-and-heavy scenes, determined women, and leather-clad warriors, then you’ll adore Mariah Stone’s page-turning tale.

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A grieving Viking. A time traveling yoga teacher. Can they release their guilt and open their hearts to love?

Los Angeles, 2019. Cathy is struggling to find the strength to be on her own. With her fiancé trapped in an irreversible coma, she surfs on his favorite beach unable to muster the conviction to turn off his life support. Suddenly flung centuries back in time, she’s horrified to land in the middle of a Viking war. But her heart nearly stops when she discovers a Norseman who looks exactly like her boyfriend.

Wessex, England, 878 AD. Tortured by the death of his wife, Viking Andor Thornsson punishes himself by fighting countless battles. But when a gorgeous woman appears from nowhere and pulls him to safety during a losing skirmish, he fears extreme blood loss caused a hallucination. Behind deadly Anglo Saxon enemy lines, he reluctantly agrees to lead her to his stronghold under one condition: he’s not responsible for her fate.

But Andor can’t help falling for the curvy blonde even though she claims she must return to the future. And as they face bandits and hidden dangers together, Cathy wonders whether she’s attracted to the warrior himself or the stark reminder of what awaits back home.

Torn by painful memories and agonizing loss, can Cathy and Andor heal their broken hearts and make a timeless connection?

The Surf of Time is the fourth standalone book in the steamy Called by a Viking time travel romance series. If you like tormented alpha men, brave heroines, and second chance love stories, then you’ll adore Mariah Stone’s heart-pounding Nordic adventure.

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She’s stealing from the past. He’s guarding his future. Will a modern woman’s mission kindle hot Viking passions?

Chicago, 2018. Rachel will do anything to secure her mother’s kidney transplant. She just never thought her cash-rich solution would come from traveling back in time to a world of Vikings. As she pockets valuable jewelry from the past to pay for her mother’s future, she’s stopped in her tracks by a stunning Nordic warrior…

Norway, 874. Kolbjorn longs for his father’s approval. Born a bastard, the Viking rejoices when his father promises to accept him… if he successfully safeguards a cache of valuable gemstones. But when a glowing goddess appears out of thin air to steal the jewels, his heart stands in the way of his sword.

As Rachel gets closer to raising the funds, Kolbjorn fears he’ll never capture the beautiful thief. But neither expect the massive snowstorm that forces them together for the night.

Will Rachel defy the fierce warrior or will her mission of mercy submit to primitive passions?

The Jewel of Time is the second book in the steamy Called by a Viking time-travel romance series. If you like alpha Vikings, resourceful heroines, and sizzling chemistry that crosses a millennium, then you’ll love Mariah Stone’s blisteringly hot adventure.

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He’s fighting the demons of his past. She’s defending her home and her son. Can two warriors from different centuries find a loving future?

Scotland, 2020. Former Marine and bodyguard Konnor Mitchell is on a whiskey tour through the Highlands. But a woman’s cries for help lead him tumbling down a steep ravine. Before he can get his bearings, a Highland faerie pitches him back in time to 1308. Wounded and confused, Konnor is confronted by a breathtaking woman brandishing a sword.

Scotland, 1308. Entrusted with holding her clan’s castle while her kin fights for King Robert the Bruce, Marjorie Cambel discovers a secret plot to attack her stronghold and kidnap her son. She swore never to let another man victimize her. But when she sees a wounded stranger at the bottom of a ravine, she helps him. Despite her attraction to Konnor, she’s not sure she can trust him.

As Konnor’s feelings for the mesmerizing warrior grow, the horrors of his childhood remind him he can never the husband Marjorie deserves or the father her son needs. And while Marjorie’s heart lifts at the war veteran’s courage, she struggles with the memories of her own violent past.

Can two wounded souls forge an alliance that leads to lasting love and win the battle of their lives?

Highlander’s Hope is the thrilling second book in the Called by a Highlander time travel romance series. If you like steamy encounters, strong heroines, and stories full of historical details, you’ll love Mariah Stone’s captivating tale.

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She’s a lost time traveler. He’s a haunted Highland hero. Can their romance survive the test of centuries?

Scotland, 2020. Kate Anderson is desperate to keep her restaurant from falling into ruin. But while soliciting the help of a celebrity TV chef at a Scottish castle, she’s injured and suffers amnesia. Disoriented and lost, she touches a mysterious rock that hurls her back in time where she encounters a handsome warrior.

Scotland, 1308. After years of bloodshed as a gladiator, Dundail heir Ian Cambel swears he’ll never kill again. Resettling in his father’s estate craving a peaceful life, he takes in a charming woman with no memory and offers her a position as a cook. But as the English army threatens his stronghold, he fears for her safety and tries to hide his growing desire for the pretty lass.

As Kate’s memories slowly return, she’s driven to return to her modern world, despite her feelings for her noble protector. But Ian knows helping her get back home means waging war on the invaders, and when Kate sees the killer he really is, she’ll leave him forever.

Will the two wounded hearts find their destiny across the ages?

Highlander’s Heart is the entrancing third book in Called by a Highlander time travel romance series. If you like medieval adventures, tormented heroes, and Cinderella tropes, then you’ll adore Mariah Stone’s page-turning tale.

She’s on the run. He’s digging in. When their destinies collide in medieval Scotland, will they forge a love for the ages?

Afghanistan, 2020. US Army officer Amber Ryan never imagined her honor would come under fire. Framed for murdering her ex-boyfriend, she flees to Scotland and hides out in the ruins of Inverlochy Castle. But when a Highland faerie transports her back in time, she’s catapulted into a fierce skirmish fighting alongside a handsome warrior.

The Scottish Highlands, 1308. Rebellious rake Owen Cambel refuses to serve the clan on any terms but his own. Shocked when he witnesses a gorgeous dark-skinned woman valiantly battling men in the castle, he risks life and limb to save her, only to lead them both into English captivity. And as they plot their escape, he loses his heart to the exotic beauty.

Though Amber is careful not to give too much away, she can’t help falling for the rugged Scot. But if Owen tries to protect the lovely lass, one misstep could doom the future of his clan and change the course of history.

Can the unlikely couple conquer their foes and secure a happily-ever-after?

Highlander’s Love is the fourth book in the enthralling Called by a Highlander time travel romance series. If you like sweeping historical novels, interracial passion, and courageous heroes, then you’ll adore Mariah Stone’s steamy tale.