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Abby Knox is the author of books: Saved For Me, Grumpy Dad (Greenbridge Academy, #2), Fighting for Dylan (Worth the Fight #4), Pumpkin and Spice (The Windy City Holiday Duet #1), The Christmas Pickup, Swim Coach (Greenbridge Academy #1), Sweet Jane: An Amnesia Story of Being Lost, and Then Found, Comfort and Joy (The Windy City Holiday Duet #2), Shacking Up, Matched for Me

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Lars Anderson is an undercover cop investigating the dirty deeds of a powerful crime lord. Complicating matters is Lars’s innocent new neighbor, who may as well have a target on her back in this seedy neighborhood. Whether she wants it or not, she’s under his protection now.

Wendy Wilson is a poor college student who’s been on her own for some time. When she takes out an online ad looking for babysitting work, she finds herself in a dangerous predicament. But the one person who shows up to help her might be even more dangerous to her virtue than being held captive by an evil kingpin.
Sunny, eccentric Kindergarten teacher Jewel knows how to charm the typical private school parent. Vince, however, is the only one whose outward stubbornness provokes in her a nearly uncontrollable desire to stroke his beard, squeeze his dad bod and stare at him while he watches Burt Reynolds movies. Hey, whatever works to get more help for the PTA bake sale ...

Vince really wishes people would leave him alone. For the most part, they oblige. So why does a gorgeous, relentlessly upbeat Kindergarten teacher keep trying to include him in all this bougie PTA rigmarole? But ... if all this nonsense will help five-year-old Max fit in at this fancy school, fine. Just this once, he'll help; and then everybody'd better leave him alone.
Kickboxing instructor Grizz has been hiding his new hobby from his best friend Dylan because he knows she won't approve. After getting pummeled one night, he's forced to fess up the truth to her. When she comes over to patch him up, more emotional confessions tumble out and pretty soon these two are tangled up together in a spontaneous mattress-style wresting match.

Dylan can no longer deny her fantasy of getting pinned down by her best friend Grizz, the gentle giant who was there to teach her self defense when she ended a toxic relationship. She doesn't understand much about the world of mixed martial arts, and because of her family history, she's not sure if she can handle the stress of being the girlfriend of an MMA fighter. But Grizz will do whatever it takes to fight for their love.

Readers: this short, cute friends-to-lovers story is full of heat, banter and sweetness between two headstrong characters. HEA, no cheating, no cliffhanger, and only a mild bit of angst that is quickly resolved.

This story is meant for readers age 18 and up due to adult language and graphic sexual content.
Maxine “Pumpkin” Novak is coming home to Chicago to do three things: eat turkey with her family; chill with her best friend, Joy; and avoid all the awful people who gave her that childhood nickname. But a run-in with a dreamy old classmate sidetracks her plans in a heartbeat, and gets her heart pounding.

Bartender Talbot “Stoner” Spice has out-performed his high school epithet and whooped his childhood demons. Dividing all his time between running the neighborhood bar and caring for his widowed mother, he has never seen the need for a serious relationship. That all changes when his high school crush, Max, returns from California and walks into his bar two days before Thanksgiving. She doesn’t know it yet, but she’s not getting away from him again.
Get ready for a full plate of hot, yummy Thanksgiving naughtiness that will melt your heart and leave you begging for more. This book is a safe read, containing NO CHEATING, a GUARANTEED HAPPY ENDING and no relationship cliffhangers!
And don’t forget Max's best friend Joy, who gets her own story in the second installment of this two-part holiday treat, Comfort and Joy, releasing Dec. 21, 2018!
Tow truck driver Bear Bailey is the city’s unsung hero on Christmas Eve, out rescuing stranded motorists in the decade’s worst snowstorm. When he happens to spot the cute local weather girl stuck on the side of the road, his Christmas wish has just come true. He’ll be picking her up, but has no plans to drop her off anytime soon.

Meteorologist Mary Reed knows all too well she shouldn’t be out driving in weather like this. But she has very good reasons. Her car ends up in a snow drift, because of course it does, and it seems like her Christmas Eve plans might be a bust. Out of nowhere, a hot and possessive tow truck driver rolls up and snatches her out of the blizzard. Plans? What plans?

The connection is instant, but there’s only one problem: there’s lots of other people out there in need of help before Bear can get a taste of Mary’s “Christmas cookies!”

WARNING: This book is short, sweet, smutty and full of as much toasty-warm goodness as you can stand. This is full of snowstorm shenanigans with a quirky cast of characters alongside the a kind-hearted, possessive alpha and the sassy heroine. A happily ever after and a Merry Christmas guaranteed!
Admired, overachieving high school senior Addie has turned 18 and plans to wring out every last drop of her elite private school education. When a school legend returns to coach her swim team, however, her composure waivers under his stern gaze.

Coach Ford doesn’t lavish anyone at this school with the praise they are accustomed to, and Addie isn’t sure what to do other than work harder, and swim faster. If she could only manage to keep her head down and keep her wet and wild fantasies under control…

The majority of this book is told through the eyes of the heroine, with occasional, brief glimpses from the hero’s perspective. The wonderful, steamy, funny, sweet, smutty payoff is worth every tear-stained page of teenage longing!

Not ready to go back to school? This mean, bronzed god with the whistle says YES, YOU ARE!

Intended for ages 18 and up for language and graphic sexual content.
From the author of Saved for Me, The Christmas Pickup, and Take Me Home...

Jane doesn’t know her name, where she is, or why she’s on the street in a flimsy nightgown in broad daylight. As far as her memory is concerned, she is almost a blank slate. Taking a chance on the kindness the handsome owner of a local coffee shop, she gets more than just a few free samples.

Shepherd is having such a smashing grand opening of his new coffee shop, fate has landed the blonde bombshell of his dreams right in front of him. “Jane” is a lost and confused little lamb who needs his help, but she soon proves to be braver than anyone realizes. His inner possessive beast wants nothing more than to take her home and make sure she never remembers her old life.

WARNING: This sticky-sweet, smutty amnesia story is so adorable you’ll forget your own name! It has it all: selective memory loss, insta-love, hot phone sex, a protective alpha, a not-so-helpless damsel in distress, and a sunny HEA epilogue that will warm away your seasonal affective disorder. Plus a bonus super-hot second epilogue!
ATTENTION: If you are a medical professional and you find yourself saying, “That’s not how any of this works,” listen: I KNOW. Relax. Enjoy. Be like Jane: sit down, have some good coffee and go with the flow. Put on your PJs and cuddle up with Jane and Shep!
Part Two of the Windy City Holiday Duet!

Joy is a happy little cookie baker in her happy little Cookie Cottage. Every holiday season, she delivers sweet confections and Christmas cheer from one end of the city to the other. One day, she gets a surprise visit from a health inspector who turns her life, her livelihood and her heart, upside down.

Brady is a health code inspector who receives a complaint about a local cookie baker. When he investigates, he comes face to face with his high school crush. The old flames of attraction rekindle, but there’s one problem. He’s bound by law to close her shop until further notice.

Go ahead, take a bite out of this sweet and saucy holiday romance! It’s chock full of Christmas cheer, filthy talk and possessive alpha hotness! I triple dog dare ya!

And don't forget Joy's best friend's story, Pumpkin and Spice, Part One of The Windy City Holiday Duet! It's a deeply satisfying Thanksgiving-themed treat!
Sam may have a ranch to run, but he's not one to shirk his civic duties when he receives a jury summons in the mail. Fate, however, seems to be summoning him to the jury pool for entirely different reasons when a fellow juror half his age buddies up to him and refuses to leave him alone.

Nobody has ever stuck up for Wren before, who's been on her own since she was a teen. When the grouchy rancher, Sam, acts on his protective instincts on her behalf, Wren is sure beyond a reasonable doubt that he's meant to be hers for life.

Intended for adults ages 18 and up due to graphic sexual content.

Also contains:
One grouchy rancher
One vegan pixie siren
Age gap
Forced proximity
NO cheating
NO cliffhangers
Fletcher Chase is the one-man security team behind his adventure-seeking best friend, Lars. When the former Marine Corps scout sniper is forced to take some time off after taking down a prominent bad guy, he finds himself with little to do except run into Lars's little sister, LuLu, at every turn. When she asks for his help with a Valentine's Day event she's planning, he readily agrees. The work she has him doing isn't his usual style -- but he'll do anything if it means spending more time with the woman who sees him as more than just the man hiding in the shadows.
Successful professional matchmaker LuLu Anderson helps people find true love, one match at a time. But she's never been able to find a match for herself. That could be because deep down, she knows she has always had eyes for one man. Even as a teenager, she loved to torment the quiet, enigmatic man behind the scenes. While home for a much-needed extended vacation, she devises a plan to get him to notice her as more than the spoiled princess she used to be.
You’ve been waiting and here it is! If you loved Lars and Wendy from Saved for Me, then this book is for you! WARNING: This romance is a slow burn with a little angsty will-they-won’t they push and pull, with a big swoony pay-off. Do you just love a big, mysterious, quiet, low-key hero who will lose his shit when someone’s bothering his girl? Then you will LOVE Fletcher Chase!