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David S. Ludwig, MD, PhD, is a practicing endocrinologist, researcher, and professor at Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health. Dr. Ludwig also directs the New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center at Boston Children’s Hospital. His research focuses on how food affects hormones, metabolism, body weight, and well-being.

David Ludwig is the author of books: Always Hungry?: Conquer Cravings, Retrain Your Fat Cells, and Lose Weight Permanently, Always Delicious: Over 175 Satisfying Recipes to Conquer Cravings, Retrain Your Fat Cells, and Keep the Weight Off Permanently, Ending the Food Fight: Guide Your Child to a Healthy Weight in a Fast Food/Fake Food World, Nimmersatt? Warum wir Fett brauchen, um schlank zu werden, The Fat Cell Solution

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Always Hungry challenges the age old methods for healthy eating and weight loss. If you have ever been frustrated by failure after failure to count calories, this dietary approach is for you. Dr. Ludwig's approach allows calories to work for you. Dr. Ludwig goes into detail of how he has scientifically discovered the fact that not all calories are equal.

Through a series of three phases the Always Hungry eating plan allows the dieter to conquer the cravings that always sabotage the best diet plans on the market. This is not a one week diet trip that you will jump off at first trouble, rather, this is a three phase life journey that will enhance your life and free you from eating foods (even food thought to be good like low-fat foods) that hold your body hostage.
As an endocrinologist at Harvard, Dr. David Ludwig pioneered the use of a low-glycemic diet in combating obesity. His groundbreaking research is the basis for some of the most successful diets of the last decade, including the South Beach Diet and SugarBusters. Ten years ago, Dr. Ludwig founded the Optimal Weight for Life (OWL) program at Children's Hospital Boston. There, he and his team tailored his low-glycemic diet for children and combined it with a nine-week progressive plan that benefits the patient and the entire family. Dr. Ludwig wins parents' trust but also offers hope to their children, who often feel teased, bullied, and defeated.

This scientifically proven approach addresses, for the first time, all three key factors affecting body weight -- biology, behavior, and environment -- and integrates them into a powerful prescription for weight loss. Dr. Ludwig compassionately recognizes the challenges children and their parents face in today’s fast food/fake food world and guides them from conflict to cooperation along the road to health.

In Ending the Food Fight, Dr. Ludwig shares his program with parents everywhere, giving them all the tools they need to help their children win the food fight, once and for all.