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Julian Napier - book author

Julian Napier is the twisted side of sexy.

An author who will push boundaries in more ways than you can imagine through stories that will drag you to the depths of darkness.

After years of fascination with the strange, the bizarre and the macabre Julian has decided to put his over active imagination to good use and produce sinister stories and twisted tales for whoever is willing to read them.

Julian Napier is the author of books: Corrupted Hearts (Corrupted, #1), the COCK in me: A Chicken Shifter Romance, Bite Me Part 1, Santa has a huge sack, MERCY, Bite Me Part 2, Become Corrupted (Corrupted, #0.5), Mascots: A Taste of Madness, Bite Me, The Life Of A Human Unicorn

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Louise Tucker has lost everything.

The people she considered family are now all gone.

Life seems to have lost its meaning.

Doing what she believes is right means reaching out to the past and accepting that while she has nobody she needs to open herself up to new opportunities.

Luke Kern has everything now.

Despite a troubled upbringing he was straightened out by his foster mother who helped him see the value of life.

He thought he was able to escape everything but memories come flooding back when he realises that everything he knew can vanish in an instant because of one person.

Nobody can escape their past but are they willing to let it go for the sake of the future?
A story with no planning at all. This book was written on a whim because the delusional author, who is writing this blurb in the third person, thought it would be fun.
The lead character is an ass, but he isn’t actually an Ass he is a Human who turns into a Chicken. You read that right, he is no Alpha-Wolf or a hot beefy Bear, he is a clucking cluster-f*ck of testosterone. Dive into this book and see what the mind of a potential sociopath can dream up while he spends too much time on public transport with nothing more than his thoughts and a phone to type things up on.
This book is the winner of no awards and should not be taken seriously in anyway.
It is recommended that only people who are aged 18 and above read this masterpiece as it contains graphic scenes, glorified sex and a made-up process where to make chicken nuggets they do some unspeakable things. Otherwise it’s all good.
Bite Me Part 1 and 2 can now be found on this page.
Prepare for all your childhood dreams to be shit on, this tale isn't a family friendly story of how Christmas cheer saves the day. It's a tale straight of how one night the fat guy in the red suit saves a depressed Ice-Cream man from drinking himself to death by giving him the chance of a lifetime....... An orgy with Santa.

I really shouldn't need to tell you that this book is weird as f*ck, or that it may offend some people.
If somebody hurts you what’s the best way to respond?
Some people forgive and forget.
Scarlett doesn’t.
She wants revenge.
The only thing on her mind is making those who hurt her beg for mercy.
Bite Me Part 1 and 2 can now be found on this page.
Every story has a beginning...

Before the events of Corrupted Hearts Jessica Kirby was a freshman at the University of Chicago.

Her life wasn’t simple and despite her potential she had no intention of settling in and studying like her “sister” Louise.

Instead Jessica was out to make an impression, one that the guys around her would never forget.

* Due to the nature of the story and the events which take place within it, this book is not recommended for people under the age of 18
Imagine the worst thing you've ever read.
Now add a giant rabbit, some kink and a few tentacles.

This is the first part of what I can only describe as a complete mess.

Enjoy reading it.

I know I've given you no information about what actually happens in the book but I really don't want to spoil it. Go in blind, be amazed at the chaos.
It's more fun that way.
Shorter than a short story but packs more of a punch than a giant dildo!
Life isn’t always what we expect and sometimes it throws in unexpected twists. The one contained within this book is completely ridiculous however there is a nice little ending to the story.
Just remember readers. Don’t go into this thinking you are getting a heartfelt novel.