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Kara Lockharte - book author

Kara Lockharte is the author of the Space Shifters Chronicles. She loves writing romances with sexy alpha shifters and the strong heroines who can't resist them. 

She lives on Planet Earth.

Kara Lockharte is the author of books: Betrothed to the Dragon (Lick of Fire: Dragon Lovers, #1), Belonging to the Dragon (Lick of Fire: Dragon Lovers, #2), Dragon Called (Prince of the Other Worlds, #1), Wanted by the Werewolf Prince (Space Shifters Chronicles #1), Bonded to the Dragon (Lick of Fire: Dragon Lovers, #3), Taken by the Tiger Lord (Space Shifters Chronicles, #2), Dragon Destined (Prince of the Other Worlds, #2), Dragon Mated (Prince of the Other Worlds, #4), The Lady and the Tigershifter (Space Shifters Chronicles, #1.5), The Boy Who Came Back a Wolf (Space Shifters Chronicles, #0.5)

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I’m engaged to a stranger, a man -- dragon. If I don’t marry him, I’m as good as dead.

I’ve been hiding all my life.

Unlike the rest of my once powerful family, I have no magic.

The immortal monster that ate them all, still hunts me.

And my grandmother thinks that the only way to save me from the monster is to marry me to another monster: a dragon.

Only this monster is perfection in human form: all rippling golden muscle and more gorgeous than anyone who shifts into a scaled monstrous beast has a right to be. His magic calls me, his heat enthralls me and my mind melts at the touch of his inhumanely hot hands on my skin.

There is no way I can marry him.
I know what he truly wants: access to my family’s power.

But I have no magic, no power of my own.

He thinks he knows what he’s getting with me.

I don’t play those games.

It’s better to run from a monster, than to marry one.

I’m no dragon’s treasure.

Even if my heart wishes otherwise.
My name is Lana Rodriguez and I am DONE with dragons.

Particularly rich boy Lucas Randall, who claims I’m his mate.

So what if he’s more than six feet of stupefying ripped muscle and I-know-you-Lana eyes.

I’m not the housekeeper’s daughter anymore.

I’ve got secrets he can’t find out.

Because I’m a monster now too...
It's always a bad idea to fall for a hot mysterious billionaire with a spooky castle.

Especially when you find out he's a dragon.

Night nurse Andi Ngo was desperate for money to bail out her idiot brother. A one time nursing gig seemed like the perfect deal: lots of cash, no questions asked. Even when her employer turns out to be the notorious billionaire Damian Blackwood, Andi is determined to keep quiet and finish the job.

But when Damian saves her life from a monster, there’s no forgetting what she saw — not his insanely superhero physique, not the hungry way he looks at her, like she’s some priceless treasure to be possessed, and definitely not the fact that he’s got another hidden self; he’s an honest-to-god dragon.

Andi knows the dragon shifter’s secret and he’s definitely far from pleased.

After a night of monsters and mayhem, he takes her home in his fancy sports car and….asks her for a date.

The expensive well-tailored suit can’t disguise the fire in his eyes and wildness in his savage smile.

She should say no.

What if she says yes?

Author note: This is the first of a slow burn paranormal romance series featuring a hot dragonshifter hero: heck yes, explicit scenes are in here but you’ll have to be patient for the HEA to come.
Wait, what do you mean I’m that arrogant oversexed egotist’s MATE?
Prince Ral of the House of Nightclaw, Duke of Some Random Planet, Lord Master Stud may be the handsomest prince in the universe.

But that doesn’t mean he can tell me what to do.

I’m a military pilot with higher orders; get Prince Arrogance out of enemy territory and back to where he belongs.

His Royal Cockiness wants to go back to save his people left behind.
I won’t disobey my chain of command, of which he has no part.

Now the savage beast that lurks under the prince’s chiseled god-like body is toying with me, thinking I’ll succumb to his demands, his prevarications and flirtations.

The werewolf prince may be used to getting what he wants.

But I can’t let him; my honor, my career and the fate of three intergalactic empires is at stake.

I have to hold out against the wolf before he truly takes command…of more than my ship.

He is not my prince, not my alpha, and sure as he—

Wait, what do you mean I’m that arrogant oversexed egotist’s MATE?
He loved, lied, then left me.
Now I’m supposed to marry him?
I was so naive. I actually believed him and thought…it doesn’t matter now.

What does matter: Kai is a Tigerlord, a shifter prince in command of one of the most ancient royal houses of tigershifters in the universe.

A fact he conveniently forgot to mention when he had been promising me forever…

As well as the fact that if Kai marries me, he’d lose his throne / lair / whatever it is that tigershifters command.

And now, unknown to Kai, I’ve been caught and imprisoned in his family’s ancestral castle by those seeking to usurp his leadership.

That’s not going to happen.

Because before he gets back, I’m breaking out of this castle.


Kai once told me that “I was his destiny.”

No more. I’m going to go and make my own fate.

I might be stuck on the other side of the system in an unbreachable fortress with a bunch of tigershifters.

But they’ve never dealt with a Librarian like me.
I did NOT fall for a hot mysterious billionaire who is actually a dragon.

Nope. Not at all. Not in the least.

Night nurse Andi Ngo is back to her mundanely real life - finding her stupid brother who went on the lam the moment she bailed him from jail.

But she can’t forget her date with the Damian Blackwood, not because he’s cut like her hottest dream, not because he’s a billionaire, and not even because he’s secretly a dragon.

For just a few delicious moments, Damian didn’t just make her feel like she mattered, like he actually cared, like she could be his…

No, better not to think those thoughts.

But when dangerous magic threatens her patients, Andi doesn’t know who else to turn to.

One may walk free from a dragon once, but twice?

Andi’s only mortal after all…
I always knew getting involved with a billionaire dragon shifter would eventually involve broken hearts.

I just didn’t know that I would be the one doing the breaking.

My family’s secrets are devastating, dangerous — especially for a dragon.

To keep him safe, I have to destroy us, but that will destroy me.

I don’t want him to save me.

I can’t have him save me.

But he will save me.

Because that’s who he is.

My dragon mate.

NOTE: This is the final book in the Prince of the Otherworld series! Happily Ever After guaranteed! Talking magical cat included!
Space pirates? Here?

Solstice Week should be a time to celebrate.

Not a time to chase a tomb raiding tigershifter through a cold alien swamp.

When librarian-guardian Seria discovers a vandal raiding the ancient site she's charged with protecting, she pursues to bring him to justice.

Obviously, being captured by space pirates and caged with the criminal wasn’t part of the plan.
Now she and the irritatingly handsome rogue must work together to free themselves or be enslaved.

Little does she know, that the tigershifter is more than he seems… and might just be a greater part of her destiny.

Reader Note: This is a prequel short story to the novel TAKEN BY THE TIGERLORD with a happy-for-now ending. No prior knowledge of any previous books is required.
[Alternate cover edition for ASIN: B06Y292YVQ]

He wasn't what she wanted.
He wasn't right for her.
She was wrong--so wrong.

When Lauryn Daring rejected skinny Xavier Stone's advances in high school to build an empire in the big city, she had no idea the mistake she was making. But after years apart, the man that walks back into her life is far from the geek she once knew. Xavier changed--in all the right ways. After being stationed on a dangerous planet of werewolves for nearly ten years, the tall, rugged, ferocious, and undeniably sexy soldier is back for what he's wanted all along: Lauryn.

And this time, Lauryn won’t be able to resist.

READER NOTE: This is one SEXY HOT SHORT STORY featuring an alpha wolf coming home to claim the woman he could never forget. If you can’t handle heat, move on please!