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Kimberly Lane is the author of books: Finding Nickie, Ms. independent, Crazy Right, Come Look With Me: Latin American Art (Come Look With Me Art Books), Come Look With Me: Asian Art (Come Look With Me Art Books), A Love Like This (Chapter 27), A Love Like This (Chapter 1), A Love like This (Chapters 21-23), My Brother's Baby, A Love Like This (Chapter 14)

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Finding Nickie is the sequel to A Love Like this. The story picks up where 'A Love Like This' left off. Readers were left wondering what happened to there favorite crazy family well Finding Nickie will answers those questions and more. Finding Nickie is a Novella that presents the story line for the third book in the series.

I walked right pass the nurses’ station and dragged myself down the stairs. I was surprised that no one tried to stop me. I looked over my shoulder as if I were escaping from prison. My mind raced with thoughts of ‘what if’ as I walked, but reaching the outside was the extent of my plan.
Keisha Peterson is the feisty, candid owner of Nappies Beauty Salon in Compton California. She’s a protective sister, a dutiful wife, a doting daughter and a loving mother. Everything in her life is settled and stable until she meets Mike Dubois. Mike, with his confident demeanor and looks of a mythical god saunters in and sweeps Keisha off her feet, giving her everything she’s missed at home. Mike makes her feel alive for the first time in years and Keisha begins to have genuine feelings for Mike. So much so that she risks her family’s livelihood to be with him. But she’s torn by family secrets and the resurfacing of feelings for her husband. Ms. Independent is the funny heartfelt story of new and old love. It’s about finding happiness, even if that means being alone.
This romantic comedic follows Sarah Goldman in her journey of self discovery.
Color reproductions of twelve masterpieces are accompanied by questions that encourage young readers to learn through visual exploration and interaction. Works from artists such as Diego Rivera (Mexico), Fernando Botero (Columbia), and Ramon Frade (Puerto Rico) are included. Background information on the artist, the period, the medium, the technique, and the subject of the painting provide context for the art experience. Author: Kimberly LaneReading Level: Ages 9-12Format: 32 pages, HardcoverPublisher: Charlesbridge New edition (June 1, 2007) ISBN: 978-1890674205
This informatiave book highlights twelve masterpieces from South, East, and Southeast Asia, tracing artistic traditions through time and across cultures. From an 11th-century Indian sculpture of Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, to the eye-popping superflat art of Japan's Takashi Murakami in the 21st century, each piece of art is introduced with a full-page color reproduction. An accompanying page includes a brief biography of the artist, notes on the art form and its symbolism, and/or information about the time period. Questions designed to encourage thoughtful responses to each piece provide points for discussion to develop yountgreaders' greater understandign of art. (Hardcover with jacket) Full color pages with reproductions. 31 pages. Book size: 10 x 10 inches
Judge Megan Royce stood in her chambers wondering how things had gotten so out of control. Six months earlier her life had been in perfect orderA[a�A]just as she had meticulously planned. That was before her brother and his wife requested that she be a surrogate mother for them. Unable to deny her brother anything, she begrudgingly agreed. Now, as she stands in front of a full-length mirror, she knows that her life has somehow taken a very different turn. Now everything is upside down; her job is in turmoil and her love life strained. Having never been one to want children of her own, she believed it would be easy to give up the life within. But as the months wear on, and the impending birth nears, she begins to feel the increasing torture of giving up the precious miracle growing insideA[a�A]even for the brother she so dearly loves.