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NetSuite for Consultants: A handbook for ERP and CRM consultants to implement NetSuite 2021 quickly and easily by Peter Ries

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NetSuite was created in 1998 in Northern California from a desire to bring small-sized and medium-sized business transactions into the internet age. A few people who worked for Oracle at the time wanted to create a CRM and ERP product you could run in your web browser without ever having to install anything in your offices. They received seed money for this new company from Larry Ellison and Oracle and embarked upon their 20+ year journey to making the set of products we all can use today. I began working for NetSuite in 2012 as a technical consultant, delivering customizations and integrations for clients who were just about to go live on the platform. I've been working at that ever since, and one thing I've learned is that every business is unique and brings its own challenges when it comes to implementing NetSuite. At the same time, however, there are a lot of things that stay the same, at a conceptual level, in terms of introducing any business to the NetSuite line of products.

With this book, I hope to share what I've learned about helping clients use NetSuite. I'd like to think I can help make the process of getting a company up and running on NetSuite less painful and faster than it might otherwise be. I hope you find this useful and will engage with me and the rest of the NetSuite user community in online discussions regarding this topic.

Who this book is for

This book has two intended audiences. One is people who work for a company that helps other businesses implement NetSuite. We generally refer to those as NetSuite partners or vendors, or sometimes system integrators. They have lots of people on staff whose job it is to work with NetSuite client companies and help them get started on the platform. As these partners hire new people, those folks need to learn more about NetSuite and how to work with clients.

The other audience for this book is anyone working at a NetSuite client company who needs to help their users do more with the product – or maybe they're considering whether they could self-implement without the help of a partner. This will always be a large, challenging task, but you might feel more confident about taking this on after reading this book.



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